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Mojama Adds a Burst of Mediterranean Flavor to Summer Dishes

Marky’s Group introduces salted tuna loin from the southern coast of Spain

MIAMI (April 28, 2014) – Just in time for summer, Marky’s Group announced today that it is has struck a deal with upscale Spanish-based Kiele to become the exclusive distributor of its semi-preserved fish in the U.S., including the wildly popular salted dried tuna loin – or mojama – as it is called in Spain.

Sliced wafer thin, mojama is a delicacy that promises a new twist on summer salads, pastas and tapas. It’s rich in omega 3 and can replace the chicken or shrimp in your Caesar, add bold flavor to a traditional Greek salad, or simply be served as a tapa accompanied with toasted Marcona almonds, fresh tomatoes, olive oil and crusty bread. Mojama looks like a fine prosciutto. In fact, it’s often called sea-cured ham.  kiele

“We had many chefs asking for mojama, so we decided to bring in the best [Kiele] and make it available to the public for everyone to enjoy,” said Christopher Hlubb, President and COO of Marky’s. “When served at room temperature, and sliced as thin as possible, it just melts in your mouth.”

Marky’s is offering mojama as a sliced fillet in olive oil as well as a whole loin, which is recommended for grating onto pastas and risottos. Additionally, Marky’s is introducing Kiele anchovy fillets in the coveted “00” size, anchodinas (sardines), and boquerones  (pickled anchovies). Kiele prides itself on filleting all of its fish by hand, and all products are vacuum packed for freshness.

The products can be found at Marky’s Gourmet Retail Store online and in Miami.

Press Release: Marky’s Introduces Hacienda Zorita to the U.S. Market


Media contact: pr@markysgroup.com 305.542.8855

MIAMI (March 12, 2014) – Miami-based Marky’s Group is introducing a line of award-winning cheese and olive oil from Hacienda Zorita Organic Farm in Spain, including the Torta de Dehesa, ranked among the world’s best cheeses.

Hacienda Zorita is an organic farm located on a 300-hectare estate in the Spanish Duero Valley, a few miles from the historic city of Salamanca and neighboring the Nature Reserve Arrives del Duero. The farm is a sponsor of the slow food movement and firmly committed to the preservation of indigenous, rare and endangered species.

Hacienda Zorita produces only a small quantity of organic and raw milk
cheeses: sheep’s milk reserve (queso curado de dehesa reserve) sold in 1 kg and 3 kg units, sheep’s milk soft cheese (torta de dehesa) sold in 250 gr units, sheep’s cheese aged in Syrah wine sold in 1 kg units and slow thyme cheese from Verata goat sold in 1 kg units. Production of the extra virgin olive oil is limited to 8,000 bottles, of 500 ml, and is made from the hojiblanco and picudo olive varieties.

Hacienda Zorita’s Torta de Dehesa was awarded “SuperGold” in the World Cheese Awards in 2013, where more than 250 cheese experts gathered at the BBC Good Food Show in Birmingham, U.K. to narrow nearly 2,800 entries down to just 58 “SuperGold” cheeses.

“I can’t tell you how honored we are to be able to offer Hacienda Zorita products to our customers here in the U.S.,” said Christopher Hlubb, President and COO of Marky’s. “Hacienda Zorita is a pioneer in natural and organic farming and we are excited to be their exclusive partner in the US.”

Marky’s is the exclusive distributor for Hacienda Zorita in the U.S. The products can be found at Marky’s Gourmet Retail Store online and in Miami.


Marky’s President and COO Christopher Hlubb on Expert Panel to Discuss Seafood Safety and Compliance

Visit Marky’s at Booth #2318 To Learn More

MIAMI (Feb. 25, 2014) – Miami-based Marky’s Group, one of the leading importers and producers of caviar in the United States, announced today that company president and COO, Christopher Hlubb, will be a featured panelist at the Seafood Expo North America/Seafood Processing North America conference in Boston March 16-18.


Seafood Expo North America/Seafood Processing North America (formerly known as the International Boston Seafood Show) is the largest seafood trade event in North America. The event attracts over 19,000 buyers and suppliers of fresh, frozen, packaged and value-added seafood products, equipment, and services. Attendees travel from more than 100 countries to do business at the exposition.

Hlubb will join a group of experts to discuss Seafood Safety and Compliance with NOAA Fisheries, FDA, and U.S. Customs on March 17 from 3:30-5:00 p.m. Hlubb will discuss Marky’s compliance program, highly regarded as the gold standard in the industry.

“We work hard not only to meet – but exceed – government requirements,” said Hlubb. “There have been a lot of concerns circling the caviar industry with regards to product identification so the role of Marky’s and our farm, Sturgeon AquaFarms, is to provide scientific support to the government to identify genuine species of sturgeon and caviar.”

To this end, Marky’s has adapted the international trade standard as a way to ensure proper labeling and consumer transparency. And at Sturgeon AquaFarms, the only aqua farm in North America to raise beluga, sterlet and sevruga sturgeon, they are committed to the conservation and preservation of sturgeon species.

Seafood Safety and Compliance with NOAA Fisheries, FDA, and U.S. Customs will be moderated by Peter Quinter, Chair of the Customs and International Trade Law Group at the law firm of Gray Robinson. Other panelists include:

Timothy Hansen, Director, Seafood Inspection Program, NOAA Fisheries, Silver Spring, Maryland

Domenic Veneziano, Director, Division of Import Operations, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Rockville, Maryland

William Scopa, Director, Interagency Collaboration Division, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Washington, D.C.

Christopher Hlubb, President and COO, Marky’s Group, Inc., Miami, Florida

Benjamin England, CEO, FDA Imports.com LLC, Glen Burnie, Maryland

For more information, visit Marky’s at Booth #2318.

Bloomberg: On New Year’s Day, Consider the Sturgeon

When Peter the Great gave Louis XV a gift of caviar, the French king tried it, and then spat it out on the floor of Versailles. About 320 years later we seem to have gotten used to the taste. “The fancy cars, the women and the caviar, you know who we are,” sings Ludacris in “Pimpin’ All Over the World.” It’s not just that these fish eggs taste good: they taste like the high life.

Look beyond its aura of glamour and you’ll find that caviar is the product of an intricate and shifting global industry. With U.S. bans on caviar from the critically endangered Caspian and Black Sea sturgeon, traditionally the source of the most prized eggs, that business got a lot more complicated. Read more at Bloomberg.com

CNN – All you need to know about caviar

CNN - Featured StoryArticle by: Anastasia Anashkina

Caviar’s flavor and price can vary greatly depending on the type of fish, and the size, color and shape of the egg.

To view article, visit: http://money.cnn.com/video/pf/2013/07/25/pf-lat-caviar-black-price.cnnmoney/index.html


MIAMI – Think of Russia when you think caviar? Think again. Sturgeon AquaFarms (SAF) in the tiny town of Bascom, Florida boasts more beluga sturgeon than the Caspian Sea.

Sturgeon AquaFarmsThe company began importing live Caspian beluga and sevruga in 2003 – just two years before mounting international pressure forced the U.S. to ban the import of beluga-related products. It is now the only company in the U.S. authorized to raise beluga sturgeon.

SAF started selling limited editions of caviar in 2012, and by 2014 it expects to begin harvesting upwards of 2 tons of caviar a year from its stock of sturgeon that includes beluga, sevruga, Russian osetra, and sterlet – which currently retails in Europe for $10,00-15,000/kilogram.

“It’s incredible to see life unfold in front of you, especially that of a species you can no longer find in the wild,” says co-founder Mark Zaslavsky, a Russian emigrant who along with his partner, Mark Gelman, also owns the famed Miami-based gourmet foods importer, Marky’s Group.

A skilled team of scientists and 30 years of expertise in the caviar industry are now starting to reap rewards for Zaslavsky and Gelman. In 2011 their beluga spawned three times – reproducing some 21,000 sturgeon – making SAF the largest beluga aqua farm in the world.

Optimal conditions

It’s not just the beluga that is helping the company make its mark. Located on a pristine 120-acre site in northern Florida, about 100,000 sturgeon are being raised in pure, drinking-grade quality water. In the wild, it may take a sturgeon 15-18 years to reach maturity and start producing eggs. But at SAF, with optimal conditions like a constant water temperature of 21 degrees Celsius, the company has been able to reproduce eggs and fish in two-to-five years in some species.

The company began delivering a limited quantity of sevruga caviar to Whole Foods and select restaurants in 2012 and will continue this year with a small increase in volumes. According to Zaslavsky, there are only 100 kilograms of sevruga caviar on the world market.

The company also recently introduced sterlet– once considered the most prominent fish of royal Russian cuisine – as a whole fresh fish to upscale markets and restaurants including Café Pushkin and the Riviera Grille & Sushi in New York.

Preservation of the species

Zaslavsky and Gelman saw a huge business opportunity as they watched the world population of sturgeon plummet more than 90 percent in the last 20 years due to overfishing and pollution. But they are also determined to help it survive. They are working with a team of Russian scientists to export fertilized eggs and experience to Russia and neighboring countries with the hope of restoring the world’s population of sturgeon.

“The motto of our farm is ‘preservation of the species’,” says Zaslavsky. “It’s an amazingly complex process, but we want to re-populate the Caspian Sea with our beluga.”

In the meantime, Zaslavsky and his partner will focus on the construction of a new caviar processing facility as they capitalize on their unique market position. While beluga sturgeon remains on the critically endangered species list and the fishing of wild beluga is prohibited, they are left with a monopoly on the U.S. production of beluga. Success never tasted so good.

For additional information, visit sturgeonaquafarms.com

About Marky’s Group, Inc:

Marky’s Group, Inc., founded in 1983, is the privately held parent company of all Marky’s branded distribution businesses, Sturgeon AquaFarms, Caviar & More and Marky’s Gourmet Retail Store. With locations in Miami, Panama and Europe, Marky’s manufactures, imports, exports, distributes and retails more than 8,000 gourmet foods and caviar worldwide to restaurants, hotels, retailers and consumers.


MIAMI (June 6, 2013) – Marky’s Group, Inc. has announced that Christopher Hlubb has been promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer of the Miami-based gourmet food conglomerate. Christopher_Hlubb_headshot_reduced

A once aspiring neurosurgeon and prior genetic researcher at John Hopkins Hospital, Hlubb is now focused on changing the gourmet food industry. He left the laboratory in 2001 with his first foray into the private sector working in biomedicine. He then decided to pursue a more entrepreneurial role in the wine industry working with Chilean mega-cooperatives on the production of wines and other gourmet food products. After many years with some of the biggest names in retail, Hlubb accepted a position with Marky’s Caviar in Miami as Director of Corporate sales in 2010.

Hlubb has since revamped the entire infrastructure of the company. Last year he launched Marky’s Panama, after acquiring a local gourmet food distributor, and Marky’s Europe. In January 2013, Marky’s Group, Inc. was created as the parent company of Marky’s import and distribution business, Marky’s Gourmet Retail Store (formerly Marky’s Showroom in Miami), Caviar & More kiosks, Sturgeon Aquafarms, Marky’s Panama and the newly created subsidiaries in Europe.

“We made a strategic decision to expand our family business to that of a larger corporation,” said Marky’s Co-Founder Mark Zaslavsky.  “We are thrilled to have someone like Chris, with his business acumen and high level of expertise and experience in the gourmet food and wine categories, on our executive team.”

Hlubb’s busy schedule is focused on brand and product development, as well as the management of Marky’s Group’s rapidly expanding portfolio of subsidiaries in manufacturing, distribution and retail, both in the U.S. and abroad. He manages a team of more than 100, and at just 38, he is quickly emerging as a leader in the gourmet food industry.

Tapping into his experience in the wine industry, Hlubb created a program that mirrors the prestige of the internationally acclaimed Master Sommelier program for the caviar industry. To date, with the company’s caviar product manager, Marky’s has trained some 700 people from retailers and restaurants like Whole Foods, Specs, The Setai, Azamara Club Cruises, Costco and Acqualina.

“This is an exciting time to be working in the gourmet food industry,” said Hlubb. “Our goal is to change the face and structure of the gourmet industry by implementing local manufacturing of a larger portfolio of previously imported products while continuing to source the highest quality products worldwide.”

Among his favorite projects is Sturgeon AquaFarms, one of the subsidiaries of Marky’s Group, Inc. Sturgeon AquaFarms is the only aquafarm in the U.S. licensed to raise beluga sturgeon. The company successfully imported the beluga from Europe in 2003, just two years before the international ban took effect. And next year, in 2014, the company expects to be harvesting beluga caviar and re-introducing it to the American market. Other high-priority projects include the expansion of Caviar & More kiosks and Marky’s Gourmet Retail Stores worldwide with the first new sites to open in Panama in 2013 and New York soon after.

About Marky’s Group, Inc:

Marky’s Group, Inc., founded in 1983, is the privately held parent company of all Marky’s branded distribution businesses, Sturgeon Aquafarms, Caviar & More and Marky’s Gourmet Retail Store. With locations in Miami, Panama and Europe, Marky’s manufactures, imports, exports, distributes and retails more than 8,000 gourmet foods and caviar worldwide to restaurants, hotels, retailers and consumers.