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Mojama Adds a Burst of Mediterranean Flavor to Summer Dishes

Marky’s Group introduces salted tuna loin from the southern coast of Spain

MIAMI (April 28, 2014) – Just in time for summer, Marky’s Group announced today that it is has struck a deal with upscale Spanish-based Kiele to become the exclusive distributor of its semi-preserved fish in the U.S., including the wildly popular salted dried tuna loin – or mojama – as it is called in Spain.

Sliced wafer thin, mojama is a delicacy that promises a new twist on summer salads, pastas and tapas. It’s rich in omega 3 and can replace the chicken or shrimp in your Caesar, add bold flavor to a traditional Greek salad, or simply be served as a tapa accompanied with toasted Marcona almonds, fresh tomatoes, olive oil and crusty bread. Mojama looks like a fine prosciutto. In fact, it’s often called sea-cured ham.  kiele

“We had many chefs asking for mojama, so we decided to bring in the best [Kiele] and make it available to the public for everyone to enjoy,” said Christopher Hlubb, President and COO of Marky’s. “When served at room temperature, and sliced as thin as possible, it just melts in your mouth.”

Marky’s is offering mojama as a sliced fillet in olive oil as well as a whole loin, which is recommended for grating onto pastas and risottos. Additionally, Marky’s is introducing Kiele anchovy fillets in the coveted “00” size, anchodinas (sardines), and boquerones  (pickled anchovies). Kiele prides itself on filleting all of its fish by hand, and all products are vacuum packed for freshness.

The products can be found at Marky’s Gourmet Retail Store online and in Miami.

Press Release: Marky’s Introduces Hacienda Zorita to the U.S. Market


Media contact: pr@markysgroup.com 305.542.8855

MIAMI (March 12, 2014) – Miami-based Marky’s Group is introducing a line of award-winning cheese and olive oil from Hacienda Zorita Organic Farm in Spain, including the Torta de Dehesa, ranked among the world’s best cheeses.

Hacienda Zorita is an organic farm located on a 300-hectare estate in the Spanish Duero Valley, a few miles from the historic city of Salamanca and neighboring the Nature Reserve Arrives del Duero. The farm is a sponsor of the slow food movement and firmly committed to the preservation of indigenous, rare and endangered species.

Hacienda Zorita produces only a small quantity of organic and raw milk
cheeses: sheep’s milk reserve (queso curado de dehesa reserve) sold in 1 kg and 3 kg units, sheep’s milk soft cheese (torta de dehesa) sold in 250 gr units, sheep’s cheese aged in Syrah wine sold in 1 kg units and slow thyme cheese from Verata goat sold in 1 kg units. Production of the extra virgin olive oil is limited to 8,000 bottles, of 500 ml, and is made from the hojiblanco and picudo olive varieties.

Hacienda Zorita’s Torta de Dehesa was awarded “SuperGold” in the World Cheese Awards in 2013, where more than 250 cheese experts gathered at the BBC Good Food Show in Birmingham, U.K. to narrow nearly 2,800 entries down to just 58 “SuperGold” cheeses.

“I can’t tell you how honored we are to be able to offer Hacienda Zorita products to our customers here in the U.S.,” said Christopher Hlubb, President and COO of Marky’s. “Hacienda Zorita is a pioneer in natural and organic farming and we are excited to be their exclusive partner in the US.”

Marky’s is the exclusive distributor for Hacienda Zorita in the U.S. The products can be found at Marky’s Gourmet Retail Store online and in Miami.